October 25, 2014

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Dominic Purcell Doesn't Like To Cry On Camera—[EXCLUSIVE]

Dominic Purcell Doesn't Like To Cry On Camera—[EXCLUSIVE]


Dominic Purcell shared a funny and candid exclusive video interview with Uinterview regarding his upcoming movie Assault On Wall Street, directed by Uwe Boll. Here are a few of the best moments from the video interview.

On his decision to work on the film:

“When I did this movie I was broke anyway, which was ironic and I had to do this movie regardless of whether it would be good or bad. Fortunately, it was very good and I was lucky.”

On his opinions about the 2008 financial collapse:

“[S]ome pr—k on Wall Street knew that the crash was happening and he didn’t call me to warn me to say, 'Listen, don’t buy your condominiums because the ass is about to fall off of the economy. So that pr—k on Wall Street, I hold it against that pr—k on Wall Street, definitely.”

On having to cry on camera:

“Afterwards you just feel like a f—king whore because you just feel like you just opened your legs to society and it always makes me feel dirty after I have done it because I’m using experiences in my own life to get emotional and you feel like you’re somehow cheapening memories and you’re taking advantage of people you love somehow.

On working with the infamous Uwe Boll:

“I call him the mad hidden genius. And we’re very similar, which is scary because sometimes I’m like, 'F—k, you sound just like me.' "

Check out Purcell's full video interview here.

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