A dog in Iraq buried a dead puppy in a moving YouTube video uploaded June 12.

In the touching video, filmed at an undisclosed location, a dog comes across a dead puppy lying in a ditch. The dog gingerly buries the puppy in the sand, using its nose to cover it as three men speak in inaudible Arabic off-camera. After the puppy is completely covered, the dog walks away and one of the men thanks him.

Though honoring the dead is something many species of animals regularly do, the video – entitled “Dog buries his puppy in Iraq” – has gone viral as an unusual example of basic compassion. However, several people have commented that this kind of empathy and grief from dogs is nothing new – it has been suggested that dogs learn and mimic these types of behaviors from humans.

Aside from what is seen in the video, uploaded by YouTube user WhosYourBaghdaddy, not much information is known about the situation, including how the puppy died and whether or not the dogs were related.

This is not the first video of animals showing compassion to go viral. In 2012, one video of a dog taking over maternal duties for an abandoned kitten made the rounds online


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