Brandon Huber's father, William Huber, originally tried to fetch $5,000 for the video on eBay

Golden Corral employee Brandon Huber filmed trays of raw meat stored near a dumpster at the restaurant and attracting flies. In the video, Huber makes the claim that the meat would later be brought back into the kitchen and served to patrons.

The manager at the Port Orange, Fla., Golden Corral has since been fired for failing to follow proper food-handling procedures, franchise owner Eric Holm told The Huffington Post. Holm also stated that none of the food shown in the damning footage was ever served to customers.

In the video, Huber suggests that the manager was intentionally hiding the raw hamburger patties, baby back ribs and chicken during a health inspection. The 21-year-old Golden Corral employee posted a second video online July 7, warning customers of the buffet chain to stay away. "I cook this food every day, and now I see what is involved into it," Huber says. "And to me as an employee here, I would not eat this stuff."

Huber’s father, William Huber, had tried to fetch $5,000 for the video through eBay. Though Holm tried to implicate him in an extortion scheme, law enforcement said his allegations were unfounded and passed on the video to Florida’s restaurant inspectors, reported the New York Daily News. The state's Department of Business and Professional Regulation is currently looking into the claims Huber made in his viral video.

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