While shivering on the New York set of Gossip Girl along with co-star Blake Lively, Elizabeth Hurley, 46, warmed up her fingertips by sending out tweets describing some of the extreme temperatures she has endured while filming. "The coldest I've ever been was shooting night exteriors in Toronto in January. A hellish experience," the actress, who is in her second season on the CW show, wrote. Hurley was also thinking warm thoughts: "The hottest was on a sound stage in Madrid at 40 degrees (around 110f) with no air con. Also challenging."

Hurley earlier explained that she was toughing it out all for the sake of playing the wickedly fashionable Diane Payne. "It's minus 2 but in Gossip Girl land my character wears bare legs, 6 inch heels and a summer coat," she joked to her almost 270,000 followers. "Gotta love exterior scenes. Brrrrr."