October 30, 2014

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'Big Brother' Recap: Aaryn Gries, Jeremy McGuire & Spencer Clawson Are On The Block

'Big Brother' Recap: Aaryn Gries, Jeremy McGuire & Spencer Clawson Are On The Block


Big Brother returned on Wednesday with Aaryn Gries and Kaitlyn Baraby on the block, and Head of Household Helen Kim left with deciding who else should be in danger of eviction.

Amanda Zuckerman wants to put either Jeremy McGuire or Howard Overby up for elimination, while Helen pushes for Spencer Clawson. When Spencer goes into the Head of Household room, he makes a bold play to save his own skin by dishing on The Moving Company alliance. Helen uses waterworks to get him to team up with her, and Spencer confesses to Howard that he thinks their man-alliance might be over. When Howard admits his own role in The Moving Company to Helen later, she lets the tears roll once again.

When it comes time to announce the MVP, it’s revealed that Elissa Slater, once again, is the audience favorite. Since she’s barely been featured on the show lately, it’s easy to assume it's nepotism at play.

Boyfriend-girlfriend alliance McCrae Olson (who’s debuting a new shorn hairdo) and Amanda push MVP Elissa to nominate Howard for eviction. Elissa, who has heard pleas from housemates trying to use her position of power to their own ends before, complains, “I feel very used!” Though Elissa and Helen both want Jeremy out, they decide it would be better to backdoor him and put someone else on the block. She flip-flops on the merits of putting Howard up, which drives Amanda crazy. According to her, getting Howard out is a no-brainer. At decision time, Elissa chooses Spencer (basically in spite of those demanding she pick Howard) and Helen pulls GinaMarie Zimmerman and Candice Stewart for the Veto Competition.

“Keeping Up With the Joneses” is the name of the game in this week’s Veto Competition. It requires each housemate to bounce on a trampoline to see over a wall where there are classic paintings featuring their likenesses painted into them. Then, they have to match the art over the wall with art on their side of the wall. (No, this is not Game of Thrones!) Candice gets her art aligned properly on the second try, Aaryn struggles, GinaMarie does a fair job, Spencer is over-zealous on the trampoline, Kaitlin does surprisingly well and Helen suprisingly completely chokes. Who wins? Kaitlin, which means she’s off the chopping block and Jeremy is likely safe for another week.

Helen is in disbelief that Jeremy once again avoids the threat of elimination. Kaitlin, unabashedly charmed by Jeremy, pushes Helen to put Howard up for elimination. When Helen doesn’t bend to Kaitlin’s pleas, Kaitlin seriously considers staying on the block to save her showmance love. However, at the end of the day, she uses the power of veto for herself and thereby giving Helen the opportunity to put Jeremy on the block with Aaryn and Spencer. Howard can hardly contain his relief, and Aaryn tries to figure out if the development is a good or bad one for her.

Should Howard have been put up for eviction? Will Aaryn and her racist comments be eliminated from the show? Can Jeremy charm his way out of eviction?

Big Brother returns to CBS tonight at 9/8c.

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