October 24, 2014

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Benedict Cumberbatch Shower Scene Cut From ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Benedict Cumberbatch Shower Scene Cut From ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’


Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays villain Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, had filmed a shower scene for the sci-fi sequel that didn’t make the cut in the director’s room.

This scene-cut revelation is coming on the heels of some backlash leveled at J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof for what was determined to be a gratuitous shot of Alice Eve in her underwear.

Lindelof took to Twitter to apologize and to essentially acknowledge that the nearly-nude scene served no narrative purpose. He also pointed out that Chris Pine had been shot shirtless for the film, but never mentioned the shower scene of Cumberbatch that movie viewers were robbed of.

When Abrams appeared on Conan on Wednesday, he came prepared with a clip of Cumberbatch’s axed moment in the shower. Essentially, Abrams, like Lindelof, opted to forgo a denial of objectifying the naked/ half-naked body, and instead made the case that they take an equal-opportunity approach with their more gratuitous scenes.

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