Audrie Pott’s family is looking to sue her alleged rapists for her wrongful death by suicide, which they believe was caused by the alleged assault.

On Monday, Pott’s family spoke out to the media for the first time, declaring, “There is absolutely no doubt as to the reason [Audrie] took her life.” Furthermore, the parents of the late 15-year-old are calling for the three teens who allegedly raped her to be tried in an adult court, according to CBS News.

Sheila Pott, Audrie’s mother, stated plans to lead the charge for new legislation that will increase the penalties for those who assault an intoxicated person, while making it easier for the crime to be tried in adult court. She would have it called “Audrie’s Law.”

Last week, three teenage boys were arrested and charged with sexual battery, dissemination of child pornography and possession of child pornography for having allegedly assaulted Pott during a sleepover last fall, and subsequently sharing a picture of the incident.

Audrie committed suicide just eight days after the sleepover at which she was allegedly raped. The attorney of the three men who are accused of raping Audrie has spoken out against what he calls “the attempt to link [Audrie’s] suicide to the specific actions of these three boys."

Larry Pott, Audrie’s father, responded to the attorney's remarks, saying, “With no assault and no cyber-bullying, Audrie’s in art class right now,”

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