October 23, 2014

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Angelina Jolie & William Hague Visit Bosnia

Angelina Jolie & William Hague Visit Bosnia


Angelina Jolie visited Bosnia on Friday with British Secretary of State, William Hague, for a humanitarian mission.

Angelina Jolie Visits Bosnia

Together, Jolie, a special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and Hague toured the Memorial Center in Potocari. On Thursday, after meeting up with Hague in London, Jolie and the politician visited Sarajevo on their humanitarian mission.

In Sarajevo, Jolie and Hague met with individuals who were the victims of sexual violence during the Bosnian War in the early 90s. These women are still seeking justice for the crimes committed against them two decades ago. The pair also met with the NGOs, who are working to help the sexual violence survivors, as well as judges and prosecutors who are involved in their cases.

After the stops in Sarajevo and Potocari, Jolie and Hague took a helicopter to Zenica. There, they stopped by the Medica organization and visited their safe house for abused women.

In June of this year, Jolie and Hague will co-host a summit regarding the sexual abuse during the Bosnian war in London.

– Chelsea Regan

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