Katherine is a Sagittarius sun sign, known for their optimism, broad-mindedness and versatility. She also has Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius, which add to her enthusiasm for life; and she probably has a tendency to move swiftly from one thing to the next. However, Sagittarians can sometimes take on too many things at once, and although she has a big heart (especially with Jupiter in Leo squaring Venus), she might have recently been learning to curb and control her passions a bit more, as Saturn has currently been over her Venus in Scorpio. Currently, Neptune, the planet of spirituality, is making a challenging alignment to her Sun (throughout 2013), and it might be that she’s slowing down a bit to appreciate everything that she’s created around her. On the other hand, exciting and unpredictable Uranus is in Aries and is gradually building up a harmonious alignment to her Mars and Mercury, which shows that she might well show a taste for exploration and adventure in the next couple of years. There's no possibility of her getting bored in 2014 to 2016!